Marin Makes Money

Enjoy Jake's comedic web-series, Marin Makes Money, where he plays a fictional version of himself. The series focuses on Jake both on and off camera while shooting his informercial of the same name. This Marin is a know-it-all millennial money guru with schemes galore, who has the audacity to think he can teach others just how easy it is to succeed in business and make lots of money.

Episode One

In this episode, we meet Jake Marin, the millennial money guru who has decided to share his secrets on how to get rich. His idea this week is to use his financial expertise to quickly turn trash into cash by collecting bottles and cans. 

Episode 2

Marin's latest idea has him use his mind and body in order to make a windfall of money online through Cam modeling.

Episode 3

Marin once again attempts to make a killing with his most brilliant plan yet: Buying lottery tickets.